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YouthCAN offers young activists the opportunity for learning, engaging, connecting and creating. Learn more about YouthCAN and how we support you in growing your activism.

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YouthCAN brings together dedicated young activists to learn, explore and create campaigns to stand up to hate and make a positive difference in their communities.

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Our online network connects over 1500 young activists in a safe space for sharing resources, opportunity and inspiration. Connect with them via our Facebook group.

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YouthCAN gives young activists a voice to challenge hate, counter extremism and promote peace through the contribution to our online blog - released monthy. Check it out!

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Global connections. Local impact.

YouthCAN works at the community level on a global scale. We've held Youth Innovation Labs in over 20 countries across 4 continents. In every location, we work closely with local partners to craft and deliver a programme that is locally relevant and tailor-made for our activists. From every Lab come localised campaigns and initiatives that are designed and managed by the young activists to tackle the most pressing challenges facing youth in their community. They are youth-led, meaning they are always relevant, meaningful and impactful.

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Young Cities North Macedonia: Gostivar and Cair

Young Cities is coming to Gostivar and Cair, North Macedonia, in 2020 and is looking for dedicated young people to take part in our campaign programmes.

In each municipality, Young Cities will run a 6-month programme whereby it will train 20 young activists to develop innovative and strategic initiatives that address intolerance, polarisation, hate and violence. Young Cities will fund the delivery of up to 4 youth-led initiatives. Each programme will also engage municipal stakeholders to enhance their approaches to involving young people and facilitate opportunities for the city to support youth-led initiatives. This will allow youth to network with local government representatives and wider community stakeholders. To find out more about the programme and Young Cities, you can download the full brief here.

Apply to join our first ever Youth Innovation Labs in North Macedonia

We will be hosting two Youth Innovation Labs in North Macedonia in 2020. They are open to groups of 4-6 (larger teams are welcome, but only a maximum of 6 may attend the trainings), who are all between 18-29 years old, committed to attend the trainings in full, and who are open to new ideas and willing to work with people from different backgrounds.

Our first Lab will take place in Gostivar, between the 16th and 19th October; and the second Lab will take place in Cair between 23rd and 26th October, 2020. All team members must be within commuting distance of the city in which the lab is taking place. Once you have a group of 4 or more, simply click one of the images below to apply to that city's Youth Innovation Lab!

Youth Innovation Lab - Islamabad, 2019

Want to know what we do here at YouthCAN?

Every year we run workshops in cities around the world - which we call 'Youth Innovation Labs' - which incubate campaign ideas and transform them into actionable and tangible projects. They are youth-created and youth-led, and are delivered in the communities of youth themselves to address the challenges that they feel are most important.

In late 2019, YouthCAN implemented one of our Youth Innovation Labs in Islamabad, Pakistan. There, we supported youth in developing campaigns that tackle a range of issues, including deconstructing stereotypes and myths regarding minorities, misinformation or 'fake news', and a lack of civic education among youth.

Check out the video we produced and let us know what you think!

The Launch of July's Blog!

One of the more serious problems Pakistani society currently faces is the rise of religious intolerance. Behind this rise lies a breakdown of communication between the diverse religious elements within the country, especially between the majority Sunni population and the minority religious groups. Five young activists are tackling this issue by revolutionizing the Pakistani tourism industry. By curating cultural tours that highlight Pakistan's diversity, they are giving youth the opportunity to interact with and learn from those from different backgrounds. Hassan Reza, Digital Media and Communications Officer at HIVE Pakistan, writes about his experiences participating in the tour and what it means for the future of social cohesion in Pakistan. Check the full article out on our blog page.

If you have a story to share - maybe a project or policy that you would like highlighted - then get in touch with us! We'd love to hear your ideas, and support you by giving you a platform to amplify that message. You can contact us through the website, or simply click here to send us an email.

YouthCAN and You!

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Want to lead the discussion around countering hate, extremism and polarisation? Do you have materials and content on the issues that you would like to share regularly but don't know the right places to do so? We are looking for a team of volunteers from around the world to help moderate, facilitate and encourage discussion among our online community of over 1,500 activists. It only requires a couple hours a week, and we will provide you all the support you need. Apply now and help amplify impact!

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Resources for Activism

Knowledge is power! To help you unleash that power, we have developed some useful guides, reports and toolkits to support young activists aiming to challenge hate speech, polarisation and extremism in their communities - both online and offline. The resources cover everything from youth engagement in P/CVE and counter-narrative development, to monitoring and evaluating online campaigns and advice for training.

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