We are an activism network created to inspireengage and amplify young positive voices against extremism.

At YouthCAN, we believe that only by engaging young activists can we truly begin to challenge extremism and hate speech.

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Changing the conversation

At YouthCAN, we aim to encourage collaboration and co-creation to constructively challenge, strengthen and support local and global initiatives to bring about positive, real-world change.

Together we can stop the hate.

We do this through a network of young activists that provides opportunities where you can learn, and grow in your own activism. We help you get the tools, education and confidence you need to start making a change.

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Learn from the best

We bring together the best and brightest activists, educators, artists, filmmakers, and social media companies at our community events and labs.  

Get new skills

Through our network of young activists and labs, you can learn new skills, get new contacts and get practical information on how you can start changing the conversation in your home country.

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Our Facebook group is a hotspot for dedicated youth activists.

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Global connections.
Local impact

Our Youth Innovation Labs give you the opportunity to meet fellow youth activists and provide you with the tools you need to make a meaningful difference in your community. The labs follow an eight-step training model to help you develop effective campaigns that can reach vulnerable audiences and affect real change.

It's a big world out there, but with 14 labs in 14 countries hosting 447 participants from 54 different countries we're already started making a real change to it.

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Find resources to help drive your activism

We've pulled together some useful content to help you understand the field you are entering; guide your campaigning and activism; and, hear about some of the great work young people are doing in this space. Follow the links to find up to date research, blog articles and toolkits from our Labs.

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Fancy learning more about youth activism? The best way to stop the hate is to get involved. Get experience of counterspeech and peacebuilding initiatives from the comfort of your own home by joining our Remote Volunteer programme.