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YouthCAN offers young activists the opportunity for learning, engaging, connecting and creating. Learn more about YouthCAN and how we support you in growing your activism.

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YouthCAN brings together dedicated young activists to learn, explore and create campaigns to stand up to hate and make a positive difference in their communities.

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Our online network connects over 1500 young activists in a safe space for sharing resources, opportunity and inspiration. Connect with them via our Facebook group.

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YouthCAN gives young activists a voice to challenge hate, counter extremism and promote peace through the contribution to our online blog - released monthy. Check it out!

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Global connections. Local impact.

YouthCAN works at the community level on a global scale. We've held Youth Innovation Labs in over 20 countries across 4 continents. In every location, we work closely with local partners to craft and deliver a programme that is locally relevant and tailor-made for our activists. From every Lab come localised campaigns and initiatives that are designed and managed by the young activists to tackle the most pressing challenges facing youth in their community. They are youth-led, meaning they are always relevant, meaningful and impactful.

In late 2019, for example, YouthCAN implemented one of its Youth Innovation Labs in Islamabad, Pakistan. There, we supported youth in developing campaigns that tackle a range of issues, including deconstructing stereotypes and myths regarding minorities, misinformation or 'fake news', and a lack of civic education among youth. Check out the video we produced for more insight on the impact of the Labs!

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YouthCAN Pakistan: Campaigns to Counter Religious Hate

With YouthCAN’s support, four teams of motivated young people in Lahore, Pakistan are gearing up to launch their innovative campaigns to counter religious hate speech, extremism, and discrimination.

Inter-religious hate is a major issue facing Pakistan. Discriminatory practices - especially toward religious minority communities such as Shia, Ahmadi, Christian, and Hindu groups- is on the rise and threatening the country’s diverse social fabric.

Between May to July 2021, YouthCAN and HIVE Pakistan partnered to provide eight weeks of online boot camp training to 24 young activists committed to tackling religious and sectarian hate. YouthCAN’s Youth Innovation Lab provided the tools, guidance, and funding to help each team of young people plan and develop their ideas into robust and creative campaigns.

We’re excited to announce that these youth activists have launched four initiatives that each promote the message of religious tolerance and cooperation from a different lens. We will be spotlighting their campaigns in the coming weeks – sharing how they are shifting community perspectives through the power of storytelling, film, theatre, and sport!

We look forward to sharing highlights with you soon. For now, check out our Facebook and Instagram for more campaigns being launched by our young activists globally!

YouthCAN Goes Digital in Melbourne, Australia

YouthCAN launches its first e-learning course, running from 23rd July to 23rd August 2021, for young people passionate about building more connected and peaceful communities.

YouthCAN and Victoria University have teamed up to provide training and support to young activists based in Melbourne, Australia who are dedicated to challenging hate and polarisation in their communities. The online course centres around effectively planning and executing impactful social change projects, giving young people the space to remotely develop their skills in project management, branding and marketing, public speaking, monitoring and evaluation, and more!

Participants are also getting the chance to virtually meet and learn from local activists and organisations about creating sustainable impact, prioritising their wellbeing, and navigating the power dynamics of social justice movements.

By September, young activists in the program will be ready to deliver their own projects. Stay tuned for more updates on their initiatives and insights on YouthCAN’s digital resources on creating projects for social change!

Our Latest Blog!

In his YouthCAN blog post, Lebanese Youth Activist, Al Hassan Ghandour writes about how his team formed a peacebuilding initiative aimed at promoting a culture of dialogue and development among young people and policymakers in Old Saida. With the help of Young Cities, they were able to organize activities to widen perceptions of the Old City and spark solutions to help lift vulnerable groups out of poverty. He writes: “The streets of Old Saida tell a story of humanity and diversity; and yet, this story is under-recognized and the city’s community members deserve better livelihoods.” Check out the full article out on our blog page.

If you have a story to share - maybe a project or policy that you would like highlighted - then get in touch with us! We'd love to hear your ideas, and support you by giving you a platform to amplify that message. You can contact us through the website, or simply click here to send us an email.

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Want to lead the discussion around countering hate, extremism and polarisation? Do you have materials and content on the issues that you would like to share regularly but don't know the right places to do so? We are looking for a team of volunteers from around the world to help moderate, facilitate and encourage discussion among our online community of over 1,500 activists. It only requires a couple hours a week, and we will provide you all the support you need. Apply now and help amplify impact!

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Resources for Activism

Knowledge is power! To help you unleash that power, we have developed some useful guides, reports and toolkits to support young activists aiming to challenge hate speech, polarisation and extremism in their communities - both online and offline. The resources cover everything from youth engagement in P/CVE and counter-narrative development, to monitoring and evaluating online campaigns and advice for training.

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