We collaborate with activists, creatives, artists and filmmakers through a series of workshops known as Youth Innovation Labs

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At YouthCAN we have always believed in the importance of engaging and activating grassroots activists and providing them with the tools they need to tackle the difficult situations they are trying to overcome. We collaborate with activists, creatives, artists and filmmakers through a series of workshops known as Youth Innovation Labs that help young people to develop the campaign skills they need to start taking their conversations online.

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In our secure and collaborative online space where you can connect with like minded individuals across the world.

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Our team of experienced activists can provide you with the tool you need to tackle difficult situations.

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Welcome to the YouthCAN Community on Facebook ! Here you will find a secure and collaborative online space to connect with like minded individuals across the world, share information about your campaigns and initiatives and find resources and support. We share interesting articles, inspiring counterpseech campaigns, upcoming events, campaign funding opportunities, free tech tools, social media guides and much, much more! You can also find support for your projects and practical know-how for developing social media campaigns.

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Run on Facebook, our Community is a great place to find the tools to get your voice heard. With over 1300 activists in 130 countries. These all started out as one person, making a difference but add that person to another to another to another, and that voice gets louder and stronger every time. Acting against hate speech is not easy, it can be difficult, and at sometimes even lonely. But you are never alone, for your voice, there are over a thousand to support you. And we are here to help you build the confidence to carry on. So join our Facebook group and get the conversation started. 

With any community we have a few rules, especially when our conversation topics can be a little tricky. Please read the following community guidelines before you join to see that it is the right place for you. 

  • DO share updates about any initiatives or campaigns you're involved in and feel free to ask for support from the community.
  • DO post any interesting articles, campaigns and opportunities you find. Our community is global so if there’s an event happening near * you then I'm sure we'll have a member who’d also like to attend.
  • DO comment on whatever you’d like. If you disagree with an article or think that a campaign could be improved then we want to hear!
  • DO be respectful of other members and report negative comments. If someone is breaking the rules please ‘report to admin’ and we’ll take a look.
  • DON’T post promotions, adverts or paid services in the group. We do this to ensure that the group stays relevant and doesn’t become full of spam.


ISD welcomes prospective volunteers who would like to be part of a dynamic, international organisation committed to countering extremism through innovative projects.
Candidates will work with the Youth Civil Activism Network (YouthCAN). YouthCAN is an international initiative to support youth activists and their efforts to prevent and counter hate speech and extremism online and within local communities. With members from more than 125 countries spanning across five continents, YouthCAN is a global network that actively engages and empowers young activists around the world.

The role offers a valuable opportunity for young activists looking to gain experience in helping to manage a global community of youth activists and creatives with a focus on both the research and practical sides of countering hate speech and extremism.

About the role

YouthCAN is seeking part-time remote volunteers from within the YouthCAN community to take a greater role in the management of the network by assisting in the development of a more interactive platform. 

The post will involve:
  • Helping manage and promote YouthCAN's online community
  • Writing blog articles and think pieces for the YouthCAN blog
  • Providing research assistance for ongoing projects and reports produced by ISD and its partners in the CVE space
Asks & Attributes
  • Able to commit at least 4.5 hours/week (working from home)
  • Self-motivated
  • Proficiency in using social media, especially Facebook and Twitter
  • Research background
  • Interest in countering violent extremism and hate speech as they relate to global youth
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English
  • Other language skills preferable but not mandatory
How to apply
  • To apply, please submit a CV and a covering letter (no more than one side of A4) specifying why you would like to work as a remote volunteer in this particular role, using the link below.
Become a remote volunteer